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Starting as a sewing factory back in 1950 in Mie Japan, we have grown to become a clothing manufacture and a retailer for our own women's fashion brand named nest Robe. We opened our very first standalone flagship store in Tokyo in 2004 and there currently are fifteen retail stores across the country and a store online. Nearly 100% of our garments are manufactured locally in Japan using the natural sustainable materials, most preferably delicate pure linen. Our commitment to the superior materials and the quality craftsmanship for our clothing production sets nest Robe apart from the rest. In the manufacturing process of our garments such as yarning, weaving, dyeing, sewing and finishing works are very carefully done without compromise by the experienced skilled persons to create them in highest quality we can, sometimes even the traditional time consuming methods are chosen to be used if necessary. In addition to our own factories it all can be maintained and accomplished by abiding relationship with our partners (factories) located over Japan and our appreciation toward them has always been there.nest Robe thus creates timeless styles with high wearing comfort and the quality to last and the garments that get better with age so to be cherished and worn for a lifetime.



  • We preferbly use long fine linen fibers from flax for our garments across the seasons at nest Robe. The kind of linen yarn is lustrous and highly robust also.
    Comparing to other conventional linen fibers, linen we choose is quite delicate so often times spinning flax into linen yarn is done by the traditional method with light tension which is economically less productive yet creates fine smooth hairy textured line yarn.


  • We have been committed only to use approved safe chemicals for dyeing all of yarn and the products of ours at nest Robe. We also use fabrics that are naturally dyed or undyed. Yarn dyeing methods we use vary from hank dyeing, rope dyeing, natural dyeing to cheese dyeing. In realty many of those dyeing techniques are difficult to be utilized to the full particularly with linen. Desirable dyeing works of quality workmanship that we need for our products surely rely on an experienced craftsmanship of the domestic dyehouses we deal with.

    A dyeing method is specified every time to the dyehouses from us depending upon how the texture and the look we want on each of our finished products.

    We occasionally try for very special dye works with exceptional dyehouses of Japan where very rare dyeing techniques have been carried on for generations, manganese KASURI for instance.


  • Fine delicate linen is a difficult yarn to weave, particularly in the warp where it can be brittle, with a tendency to fray. However, the domestic fabric companies we work with are able to manufacture and supply the superior quality linen fabric to us and that makes us possible to produce our exquisite linen garments.


  • Our design principles; Naturalness, High Wearing Comfort, Simplicity, Timelessness and Function.

    Garments that we produce are designed to feel comfortable on, be functional and give a easy yet ideal fit with a stylish silhouette so that a woman can move in them as she likes. Our skilled designers as well as the original pattern layouts of ours consisted of numbers of detailed pattern instructions are quite essential in order to make the designs work right as intended.

    Sewing is an another essential factor at nest Robe to create our garments best possible. All the sewing works are done in our own sewing factory in Japan where highly skilled workmanship is our first priority.


  • Finishing works are done right before they are to be the finished products. Those are to obtain desirable texture and the look with subtle nuance to our garments. The finishing works for linen clothing involve in washing such as bio-washing, stone-washing and other preferable kind such as brushing for garments for colder season. The prerequisite for our high standards of finishing works must be upheld again by valued craftsmanship of our partners.