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nest Robe Membership Registration

Members of nest Robe / nest Robe CONFECT enjoy various benefits based upon their purchase at our retail stores in Japan.
Simply enroll for free by membership registration online or a plastic card to become an eligible member to earn points.

•Online (For Domestic Customers)
Membership registration can be completed at any of our nest Robe / nest Robe CONFECT retail stores in Japan.
A membership account will be created online for you to use.
*Online membership registration is only available with an use of the smartphones registered in Japan.

•Plastic Card (For International Customers Residing Outside Japan)
Membership registration can be completed at any of our nest Robe / nest Robe CONFECT retail stores in Japan.
Your membership card will be handed to you right there at the store after registration.

*You need to register for a separate account for our online store if you would like to earn points from our online store.
The points from our physical retail stores and ones from our online store are totally separated from each other and cannot be combined.

Any inquiry? We are here to help.
Contact us.

nest Robe Membership Benefits

1 point earned for every JPY5,000 purchase (excl. tax)
30 points = 1 nest Robe Merchandise Certificate worth JPY5,000 redeemed
*Can be used on your next purchase after issuance.

The purchases needed to earn over 30 points:
JPY 150,000 when paid by credit card
JPY 100,000 when paid by cash

During the DOUBLE POINTS bonus event
JPY 75,000 when paid by credit card
JPY 60,000 when paid by cash

  • Your membership card/your membership number needs to be presented at checkout for the points to be
  • Points cannot be rewarded after your checkout is completed.
  • Points will expire in two years from the date of your latest purchase at any of our retail stores.
  • Point expiration date is automatically extended for two years when you make a new purchase before your
    points expire.
  • nest Robe Merchandise Certificate will expire in one year from the date of its issuance.
  • nest Robe Merchandise Certificate cannot be used for your purchases of mark downed products and
    neither cannot be used online.